MARCH 2017

Things continue to move forward in the AS FOLLOWS camp, and there are several projects going on in various states of completion/undress. The latest news lies below!

:: The live lineup for AS FOLLOWS will be venturing forth on our maiden voyage on Saturday April 8 at Gussy's in Astoria. We will be playing the 3 "core" songs from AGP; i.e. the ones that basically hold the narrative thread together. One of the songs has been modified to include a rather large improvised jam; it is probably my favorite part of the entire set. I hope to get some useable audio from the show as this would be a great thing to share with all the folks that cannot make it to the gig!

:: FOUNDATION continues to move forward. I have been knuckling down with the lyrics for PART III. I would say the lyrics are at about the 50% mark and when complete they can go straight to Kurt for his vocal magic.

:: There are a couple of new AS FOLLOWS songs just about complete. The first one is PURPLE PROSE which has all of the music complete and just needs a vocal line and lyrics (but I already know the subject material). The other is FOR THE USERS, the latest song in the WORLD OF TRON series. It came together super-fast and lyrics are done. I will not be getting vocals done for a while yet as I want to focus on FOUNDATION. It's nice having a couple of songs in the wings, though!

:: Just waiting on the stems for the final part of VOYAGER II and then I can begin mixing the massive instrumental collaboration with Jan Fekkes. This has been a super-fun project to work on and it was great fun just writing the skeletons for the songs and letting someone else add their own elements and style to them!

:: I am working on a  couple of very interesting collaborations this month! The first one is with my younger brother. We will be releasing our first co-written song in 22 years! Just waiting on the vocal tracks and that one can go out into the Wild (I am sensing a theme here). The song will be released under our original band name, URSHURAK. The song is called EMILY THE IMAGINARY GIRL, or EMILY T.I.G. for short. The other collaboration is a rather interesting set of songs from the AF live singer, Lucia Marconi. The first song is called IN THE MOOD and is a rather folk-Zeppelin inspired number. I love the chord progression and hope my contributions will do the song justice.