Some VERY cool bits of news to report from the last few weeks:

:: MCP seems to have struck a cord with people, as it garnered hundreds of downloads! This is incredibly exciting for multiple reasons, but the main one is that doing a studio-only project with online collaborators is a bit like working in a bottomless pit; you rarely get feedback from the 'bottom'; i.e., people in the Real World. It was nice to see some sort of gauge that I am not simply doing this for my sole amusement. :)

:: Speaking of AS FOLLOWS being a studio-only project ... there are plans currently afoot to play AS FOLLOWS material LIVE. This is incredibly exciting; I have always wondered what it would be like to perform these songs live, and it looks like that is going to be happening in the not-too-distant future! It is starting small: just myself, a singer, and backing tracks. We will see what develops from there. (I have been shackled/held back by bands in the past, so the only way to ensure things move along quickly is to keep it lean and mean, I'm afraid). AS FOLLOWS will always primarily be a studio project, and I will continue to work with Claire and Kurt for as long as they will have me; but, it will be nice to play out again...

:: Drums for FOUNDATION are now COMPLETE! Just waiting on the final tracks, and then it's on to vocals and mixing. The birthing process for FOUNDATION has been overly-long, in my opinion, but it's my own fault. Being in 2 bands at the same time was just too much of a strain. Glad we got that sorted, though. :)

:: The collaborative tracks for VOYAGER II continue to roll in; that is going to be an immense piece of work. I am already proud of what we have, and it's not even really begun yet!

That's all for now!