Greetings and salutations! I hope this month's update finds you well.

Another exciting month in the AS FOLOWS camp, so let's get right to it!

:: The first single from the upcoming FOUNDATION has been released worldwide. It is titled THE TRIAL OF HARI SELDON and covers the first part of Asimov's FOUNDATION from Hari Seldon's discovery of the Galactic Empire's crash, his trial and sentencing, and the formation of the Foundation on Terminus. All in under 6 minutes!

:: The live band version of AS FOLLOWS continues to form. Our first rehearsal is going to be Saturday, 26 November, and we will see what happens afterwards. All of the musicians involved are top notch so I am not expecting any major train wrecks; this will be more of a chemistry/scheduling thing as to whether the lineup will survive. Right now only the core elements exist: vocals, drums, bass, guitar. Still looking for keys and second guitar!

:: VOYAGER II is officially half written! The 30 week production schedule is proceeding exactly as planned, which is good, so a late February release is looking very likely, with FOUNDATION to be released a month or so after. I will be writing the final part to VOYAGER II as soon as I am finished typing this blog, in fact.