Belated March update

Whew, March flew by without a second glance and it's hard to believe it is now April 1 as I write this.

March was super-busy for a lot of reasons, but the new album is now OUT and available at most major digital distribution sites.

ARTHUR GORDON PYM had a soft pre-release but an immediate positive response from the prog community.

2 radio shows have started playing songs from AGP, which is great, and listener response to the album as a whole has been overwhelmingly positive.

A random sampling of some feedback received:

"Production perfection."

"Really enjoyed it. Kind of reminiscent of old YES. Definitely a kind of Steve Howe thing going on, but not a rip off...the finished product is very good."

"... a well crafted album with lots of variety, nice melodies and an amazing vocalist. Thumbs up!"

"Sounds great. Once one starts to listen its necessary to continue."

The next hurdle is trying to get some REVIEWS of the album. In years past, it was almost too easy to get your album reviewed. These days I cannot get a reply to my queries to save my life!

My goal for April is to get as many reviews as possible. Just gotta figure out HOW!! :)