December 2015

A few bits of news as 2015 winds down:

AS FOLLOWS is the featured artist in the Music In Widescreen podcast! I had no clue, so this came as a pleasant surprise. You can check out the entire episode here,

Musically, things are a bit chaotic right now as I am going full-bore on FOUNDATION while also writing another single for a Spring release. FOUNDATION is about halfway through the writing process,  The plan is to record the acoustic guitars for FOUNDATION AND EMPIRE during Memorial Day weekend. I am still undecided on what direction I want to go in for the final chapter of the FOUNDATION TETRALOGY, but having more pressing fish to fry at the moment is keeping me from having to make that decision any time soon. :)

The next single to be released is MCP. It will be part of a series of songs based on the world of Tron from the original movie. All of the songs in this cycle are being done 100% with synthesizers; even the guitar parts are synths! It's proving to be a lot of fun, and a challenge; I've not had to step-write drum parts in ages!!